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Professor Jane Falkingham 

Dean of the Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Demography and International Social Policy,Director of ESRC Centre for Population Change

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Professor Jane Falkingham is Dean of the Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences within Social Sciences: Social Statistics & Demography at the University of Southampton.

Demographic change and its consequences for the distribution of social and economic welfare is a consistent theme throughout all my research.

My research interests are in:

Research interests

My continuing research interests can be broadly divided into four areas, with demographic change and its consequences for the distribution of social and economic welfare and its distribution being a consistent theme throughout.

  • population ageing and social security, in particular the design of pension systems and their impact upon resources in later life
  • the redistributive effect of the welfare state, in particular how it varies both across the life-cycle for an individual and also between cohorts with changes in the life course
  • the impact of economic transition on living standards within the countries of the former Soviet Union, particularly Central Asia and especially Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
  • the relationship between poverty and health in low income settings, with a particular focus on the slums of Nairobi and Accra
Currently funded research projects:
  • ESRC Centre for Population Change, Director
  • DfID-ESRC joint scheme 'Left behind in transition: the welfare of older people in Central Asia and the Caucasus' with Professor Maria Evandrou, Centre for Research on Ageing, University of Southampton
  • DfID-ESRC joint scheme 'Mapping maternal mortality in Ghana' with Professor Zoe Matthews, Centre for Global Health, Population, Poverty & Policy, University of Southampton
  • DfID-ESRC joint scheme 'Demographic and poverty dynamics in an African population with high AIDs mortality and implications for social policy' with Professor Ian Timaeus (LSHTM) and Professor Julian May (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
  • Wellcome Trust Urbanisation, 'Poverty and health dynamics in sub-saharan Africa' with Dr Eliya Zulu, Dr Nyovani Madaise, Dr Alex Ezeh (Africa Population & Health Research Centre  and Professor John Cleland (LSHTM)
Recent projects include:
  • World Bank/DFID project: 'Poverty mapping in Tajikistan'
  • ESRC: SAGE Research Group, Simulating Social Policy for an Ageing Society
  • Harding A, Kelly S, Falkingham J, Evandrou M, ARC Linkage Grant LP0562493, 2005–2008: 'Assessing the social and fiscal policy implications of an ageing population', ($480,000 from Australian Research Council

Research project(s)

Leaving home and living arrangements of young adults

Household formation and dissolution across the life course

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Professor Jane Falkingham
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