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Dr Steven Bohaty

Associate Professor in Stratigraphy and Palaeoceanography

Dr Steven Bohaty's photo

Dr Steven Bohaty is an Associate Professor within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton.

Lecturer, Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute, University of Southampton (2013-2016)
Postdoctoral researcher, University of Southampton (2007-2012)
PhD: University of California, Santa Cruz
MS: University of Nebraska, Lincoln
BS: University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Research interests

Specialism: Palaeoceanography

My research is primarily focused on past episodes of large-scale climate change between ~60 and 25 million years ago when the Earth transitioned from a globally warm 'Greenhouse' to a glaciated 'Icehouse' state.  I am particularly interested in the onset of Antarctic glaciation, behaviour of Antarctic ice sheets once formed, and global palaeoceanographic responses/feedbacks to glaciation. I utilise marine sediments to reconstruct past changes in temperature, ocean chemistry, ocean circulation, global ice volume, and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. My primary techniques include development of high-resolution geochemical and chemostratigraphic records, plankton microfossil analysis for age dating and palaeoecological reconstructions, and integrated stratigraphy and correlation of deep-sea drillcores.

My current research projects are focused on development of robust paleoclimate histories for the Paleogene time interval. The ultimate aim of these studies is to decipher and quantify relationships between polar glaciation, ocean temperature, ocean circulation, and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Specific research questions include high-latitude ocean temperature reconstruction during the peak 'Greenhouse' intervals of the Eocene, the timing of initial ice-sheet formation on Antarctica, and the stability of the early Antarctic ice sheets.

Current research projects:

  • Oligocene glacial–interglacial dynamics of the Southern Ocean
  • Palaeoceanography of Northwest Atlantic sediment drifts, IODP Exp. 342 (Newfoundland margin)
  • Antarctic climate & glacial history during the Eocene and Oligocene, IODP Exp. 318 (Wilkes Land)
  • Global stratigraphy of the Eocene-Oligocene Climate Transition
  • Paleogene circulation and climate history of the Southwest Atlantic (Falkland Plateau)
  • Development of novel stable isotope methods for palaeoclimate studies

Research group

Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimate

SOES1003: Field trip to Tenby, Wales

SOES3004 /6022: Microfossils, Environments, and Time

SOES6001 : Contemporary Topics

SOES6047 : Global Climate Cycles

Dr Steven Bohaty
Ocean and Earth Science
National Oceanography Centre Southampton
University of Southampton Waterfront Campus
European Way
Southampton SO14 3ZH

Room Number : NOCS/164/40

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