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Expert rules out Titanic scale disaster

Published: 5 April 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 16:00 LONDON: A Titanic scale disaster is not likely to happen again, thanks to the many lessons learnt from its sinking a 100 years ago, says a shipping expert

"There are several lessons learned from the Titanic disaster relating to ship design, construction and operation. Lessons have also been learned regarding training crew," said Ajit Shenoi, professor and director of the Maritime Institute at the University of Southampton.

"One major specific lesson relates to the provision of lifeboat capacity on cruise ships, adequate to cope with all people on board, something that was not contained in the rules and regulations prevalent in the Titanic days," said Shenoy, according to a Southampton university statement.

Shenoi said: "A detailed Board of Trade inquiry set up after the tragedy identified that the reasons behind the Titanic's sinking and the huge loss of life could be categorised under two headings.

"Firstly, they relate to crew training and capabilities, as well as better communications and management on board ships, with clear allocation of responsibilities and regular checks on the crew. "Secondly, they relate to the technology, whether it be the provision of lifeboats and life rafts, hull construction material and methods or watertight compartmentation."

The recent capsizing of the Costa Concordia prompted questions about the general safety of current day cruise liners.


Source: Punjab Newsline Network.Crime

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