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Round Table for Judges from the Incheon Maritime Court in Korea

Published: 9 October 2013

On 9th September 2013 the IML hosted a maritime law round table for judges from the Incheon Maritime Court in Korea. During the event by Prof. Yvonne Baatz gave a seminar on 'The 2008 market collapse: withdrawal and repudiation of charters. Remedies' and IML Director Filippo Lorenzon spoke about 'Cargo claims: the terms of the contract of carriage in the liner and tramp trade'. Filippo will follow up this event with a visit to Incheon and Seoul later this Fall.

Presiding Judge Taehyeuk Lim, Prof. Yvonne Baatz, IML Director Filippo Lorenzon and Judge ChanYoung Yoon at the Institute of Maritime Law on 9th September 2013.
IML staff with Judges
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