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Inside tour of 21st century warship

Published: 22 April 2014Origin: Engineering

Ship science students got a unique insight into one of the Royal Navy's most impressive ships on a visit to BAE at Portsmouth. They looked around HMS Dragon, one of the latest type 45 destroyers. It is 155 metres long, displaces 7,500 tons and reaches a top speed of 30 knots.

"Many of our students know more about yachts and small craft than larger vessels so this is a valuable opportunity for them to learn more about ships," says Georgie Keane, Lecturer in Naval Architecture, who organised the trip. 

Students later remarked they had not appreciated how much equipment was crammed into the ship or the complexity of its systems. They also observed it was valuable to see the structural details of the vessel as this would help them with the technical requirements of future modules.

By contrast, with the co-operation of marine companies and port authorities, students have also been able to inspect a modern car carrier at the port of Southampton.

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