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SMMI well placed to drive innovation in marine power and propulsion, says director

Published: 28 April 2016

University of Southampton Professor Ajit Shenoi, Director of the Southampton Marine & Maritime Institute (SMMI), delivered his keynote speech to representatives of the marine community this week at the Next Generation Marine Power and Propulsion Conference held in Southampton.


Following an introduction from Conference Organiser and Chair John Haynes, Professor Shenoi commenced proceedings with his talk entitled ‘Global Marine Technology Trends – 2030 and beyond’.

Professor Shenoi discussed the future technological landscape relating to marine power and propulsion. Drawing on the recently published Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 – a collaborative report by Lloyd’s Register, QinetiQ and the University of Southampton – he explored the diversity of opportunities in this area. Whether large-scale shipping, work boats, or leisure crafts, how vessels are powered in the future will have to evolve as we strive for greater energy efficiency, safety and reduced environmental impact. The report highlights several specific areas of potential growth, including alternative fuels, advanced engines, energy saving devices and renewables.

Professor Shenoi noted that it will take insight from scientists, engineers and industrialists to shape and enhance new and existing technologies best suited for the next generation of marine vessels – and that the SMMI can help to bring these people together.

The SMMI, part of the University of Southampton, was established in 2012 to create interdisciplinary, cross-sector partnerships covering humanities, natural, physical and social sciences. A unique, internationally recognised centre for research, innovation and education, the SMMI brings together academics and researchers in Southampton and around the world to tackle global issues relating to the natural marine environment and human use of the sea.

Now in its third day of proceedings, the Next Generation Marine Power and Propulsion Conference is supported and facilitated by the SMMI. Through a series of presentations and networking sessions, the conference aims to equip commercial, professional and military end-users with knowledge to make sound decisions on vessel procurement and systems improvements. Delegates also had the opportunity to visit the University’s new Boldrewood Campus, home to some of the University’s world-class research facilities for marine platforms, including the 138-metre towing tank.

For more information about the Next Generation Marine Power and Propulsion Conference, see here.

Request a free copy of the Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 report, here.

If you are interested in visiting the University’s newly opened Boldrewood Campus, please contact SMMI



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