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SMMI announces £100K funding for 10 interdisciplinary research projects

Published: 15 October 2018
SMMI announces project funding

Ten interdisciplinary research projects have been successful in securing grants from the University’s SMMI Collaboration Stimulus Fund. The winners each received a share of the £100,000 fund which is supported by the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) and allocated to the University by HEFCE. The grants provide seed funding to stimulate and pump prime interdisciplinary research activity across faculties and schools that will ultimately lead to the development of full research grants or contract proposals in collaboration with industry.

The ten successful projects saw SMMI members forming partnerships across the University to pursue research with applications in fields as diverse as China's seaports, thermal energy, cargo liquefaction, earth observation data and air pollution. 

The winning awards were selected from a very competitive and over-subscribed field of applications with the quality and level of competition exceeding expectations.   Consequently the awarding panel were faced with a difficult decision in allocating the available funding.  

SMMI will be reporting on the progress of all the research funded throughout the year. Details of the ten successful projects are below:

How can we make small islands more resilient to disasters? A proposal for a global database and classification of small islands

Sally Brown (FPSE, Engineering Sciences), David Sear (FELS, Geography and Environment)


Investigating the submerged Pleistocene landscapes off Happisburgh, UK

Rachel Bynoe (FAH, Archaeology), Michael Grant (FELS, Ocean and Earth Sciences), Justin Dix (FELS, Ocean and Earth Sciences)


The current status and future direction of the sustainability of China's seaports

Yu Gong (FSS, Southampton Business School), Robert Nicholls (FEPS, Engineering), Ian Williams (FEPS, Engineering)


Improving understanding of the technical, policy, economic and cultural landscape of vessel loss due to solid bulk cargo liquefaction

Susan Gourvenec (FEPS, Engineering), Emily Reid (FSS, Southampton Law School)


Quantifying the effects of Southampton Port related activities on local air quality using low-cost sensors

Steven Johnston (FEPS, Engineering), Florentin Bulot (FEPS, Engineering), Philip Basford (FEPS, Engineering), Natasha Easton (FELS, Ocean and Earth Sciences), Matthew Loxham (FM, Clinical and Experimental Sciences), Andrew Morris (NOC), Gavin Foster (FELS, Ocean and Earth Sciences), Simon Cox (FEPS, Engineering)


Sargassum crisis in the Caribbean - drivers, impacts and adaptations

Robert Marsh (FELS, Ocean and Earth Sciences), Emma Tompkins (FELS, Geography), Yue Zhang (FEPS, Environmental Engineering) 


Dynamic loading in marine transport

Antonio Martinez-Sykora (FSS, Business School), Christine Currie (FSS, Mathematics)


Enhanced heat engine for low-temperature thermal energy re-use

Gerald Muller (FEPS, Engineering), Andrew Cruden (FEPS, Engineering)


Big Earth Observation (EO) data for the identification of Baleen whales habitats and behaviour in a changing climate

Zoheir Sabeur (FEPS, ECS), Galina Veres (FEPS, ECS), Gianluca Correndo (FEPS, ECS), Clive Trueman (FELS, Ocean and Earth Sciences), Katie St John Glew (FELS, Ocean and Earth Sciences)


 In flight thrust measuring novel MEMS technology for high speed flight

Jim Scanlan (FEPS, Engineering), Andras Sobester (FEPS, Engineering), Sarvapali Ramchurn (FEPS, ECS)

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