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G20 Science Academies Release Statement on Threats to Coastal and Marine Ecosystems and Conservation of the Ocean Environment

Published: 19 March 2019
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SMMI scientists will be interested and encouraged by the recently joint statement by the G20 Science Academies on “Threats to Coastal and Marine Ecosystems and Conservation of the Ocean Environment” released from the S20 meeting in Tokyo Japan on 6th March 2019 before the G20 meeting in Osaka in 28-29th June, 2019.

The full text is available on the Leopoldina website and highlights the impacts of Climate change and Marine Plastic Waste.

 The G20 Academies of Sciences calls for: 

  1. use of expert, evidence-based advice and assessment using an ecosystem-based approach during further development of marine resources so as to minimize undesirable impacts on the marine environment; 
  2. redoubling actions aiming to reduce stressors on coastal and marine ecosystems such as climate change, overfishing and pollution; 
  3. establishment of more recycling and energy efficient practices at national, city and local levels, through stakeholder collaboration and science-based target setting and its follow-up; 
  4. capacity building for both essential research infrastructures (including research vessels and remote and autonomous observation and survey capabilities) and human capital through education; 
  5. establishment of an improved data storage and management system that ensures open access by scientists globally; and 
  6. sharing of information gained through research activities carried out under extensive and multinational collaboration, to expedite a comprehensive understanding of the global ocean and its dynamics.

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