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The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) sets sail

Published: 30 July 2019
CMMI presentation

An EU Horizon 2020 project to establish the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI), with the University of Southampton (UoS), through SMMI, as the leading international partner, was announced at an event held at Ancient Kition in Larnaca on 16 July. The event officially announced the winning of the €30M MaRITeC-X/CMMI project (€1.3M to UoS/SMMI), under the auspices of Cyprus’ Deputy Minister of Shipping, Natasa Pilides.

The CMMI will be an independent, international, scientific and business Centre of Excellence for Marine and Maritime activities, based in Larnaca. It will carry out research, technological development, and innovation activities (RTDI) to provide practical solutions to the challenges that the marine and maritime industry, and society, faces, now and in the future. Professor Damon Teagle, SMMI Director, spoke of the opportunities that tackling some of those global challenges would present to CMMI. Professor Simon Quinn, Industrial Liaison Manager also attended the event, to engage in discussions with the Cypriot partners on potential projects.

Professor Damon Teagle presenting at CMMI
Professor Damon Teagle presenting at CMMI

SMMI already has strong links to Cyprus, involving researchers in Engineering, Humanities and Ocean and Earth Science. Our partnership with the CMMI will bring SMMI into closer partnership with the Cypriot government, academia and maritime industries. The official launch of CMMI will be in October 2019, in Larnaca, which the two SMMI project leaders, Simon Quinn and Professor David White will attend. Further information about the project can be found in the press release, and a video with highlights from the 16 July announcement event.

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