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Dr Roz Coggon wins award for her development of a 30-year future plan for scientific ocean drilling

Published: 24 May 2021
Dr Roz Coggon

University of Southampton Royal Society University Research Fellow Dr Roz Coggon, based in the School of Ocean & Earth Science, has recently been awarded the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling – ECORD Award for her leadership of a 30 year plan to guide future ocean research drilling.

Southampton has a proud record of engagement and leadership in all aspects of scientific ocean drilling through the legendary voyages of the Glomar Challenger in the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP), the Ocean Drilling Program and the ongoing International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP).  These efforts have thus far been guided by 10-year plans such as the current 2013-2023 Illuminating Earth Science Plan co-authored by SMMI Director Damon Teagle. However, as scientific ocean drilling approaches its next renewal, the large international community of Earth, ocean and environmental researchers for whom scientific ocean drilling is an essential tool, recently developed a 30 year guiding framework to 2050 “Exploring Earth by Scientific Ocean Drilling.” Dr Coggon is Co-Lead Editor of this formidable science plan that was formulated following a series of international community horizon-scanning meetings and published online in October 2020.

The UK’s current subscription to the IODP is as a leading partner of the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD), which was secured for another ten years in 2019 following a renewal campaign spearheaded by Professor Damon Teagle (SOES). In recognition of Dr Coggon’s extraordinary contribution to the production of the 2050 Science Framework she has been presented with an ECORD Award by ECORD Council, who “applauded Roz’s outstanding joint-leadership as an Early Career Researcher of the development of this critical document, that outlines the long-term mission, vision and challenges for future scientific ocean drilling”. Furthermore, ECORD Council have awarded Dr Coggon US$50,000 in recognition of “her immense investment in time and energy over the last 18 months in bringing the Science Framework to fruition”. 

Read Roz’s UK-IODP Featured scientist article here.

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