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The University of Southampton
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Boat People: Some Legal and Practical Considerations relating to Migration by Sea Event

Institute of Maritime Law
10:30 - 15:15
30 September 2015
Building 175/ Room 1007 University of Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus Burgess Road Southampton SO16 7PP

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Clare Brady on +44 (0)23 8059 3862 or email .

Event details

This workshop addresses the topical issue of mixed migration by sea. The first panel considers the legal and moral aspects of rescuing ‘boat people’, and the related topic of migrant smuggling in the Mediterranean and the EU response to the issue. The second panel focuses on the problem from the perspective of merchant ships which become involved in rescuing migrants at sea, and examines some of the implications in relation to contracts for the carriage of goods by sea and marine insurance. The panel also considers aspects of the human rights of non-nationals in the context of rescue at sea.


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Speaker information

Kathleen Goddard,Kathy is a Senior Research Fellow at the Insitiute of Maritime Law, and has designed the workshop along with Ainhoa Campas Velasco. She will speak on ‘Rescuing boat people: the impact on merchant shipping in relation to contracts for the carriage of goods by sea.’

Ainhoa Campas Velasco,Ainhoa is a PHD student at the University of Southampton, whose thesis relates to the Boat People issues facing society today. She will deliver a talk regarding ‘The International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue: some legal considerations in the context of the search and rescue of “boat people”.’

Michael Vlasto, OBE, FRIN, FNI,Former Chairman, International Maritime Rescue Federation,‘A view on the legal and moral obligations of rescuing people in distress at sea.’

Dr Jean-Pierre Gauci,British Institute of International and Comparative Law; Research Fellow in Public International Law, ‘Migrant Smuggling in the Mediterranean: A pretext for a response?’

Kiran Khosla, Director Legal Affairs,International Chamber of Shipping,‘The issues from the perspective of the ICS and shipowners.’

Mateusz Bek,Matt is a former research fellow of the Institute of Maritime Law. He will discuss ‘Marine insurance implications of the migrant crisis.’

Claire Lougarre,Claire is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Southampton. She will discuss ‘The protection of non-nationals in human rights law: a right to medical assistance for migrants at sea?’

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