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The University of Southampton
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The Challenges of Validating Long Term Morphodynamic Modeling: The iCOASST Approach Seminar

18 November 2013
University of Southampton Highfield Campus Building 34, Room 2003

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Event details

Strategic testing (e.g. hindcasting, statistical skills scores) is often used to gain confidence on the outcomes of coastal morphodynamic models. Although strategic testing of model predictions provides some objective basis for model evaluation, whether we find a model useful for its purpose inevitably involves some subjectivity.

For predictions of coastal morphological changes and responses from decades to centuries (i.e. iCOASST project aim) the lack of data leads to over-rely on the highly subjective expert knowledge.  In this talk we will present how these challenges are being approached at the stage of model development and conceptualization.

Speaker information

Dr Andres Payo, University of Oxford. Dr Andres is a researcher at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) of the Oxford University since April 2012 when he joined the iCOASST team. His research focused upon the effects of human actions on, and the linkages among, risk of flooding and coastal erosion, morphological changes and responses to climate change, ecosystem structure and function and biogeochemical processes. His work spans a range of scales from hours to centuries and utilizes field and lab investigations, mathematical modelling, and theory development.

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