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Research project: Quseir al-Qadim project - Dormant - Dormant

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This project focuses on the site of Quseir al-Qadim on the southern Egyptian Red Sea coast, and its surrounding landscape. The project is a collaboration between researchers from a number of institutions world wide and is particularly focused on the sharing and representation of archaeological knowledge.

The site of Quseir al-Qadim (old Quseir) is 8km north of the modern town of Quseir, on the Egyptian Red Sea coast. Four seasons of fieldwork have now been completed on site. The current project is directed by David Peacock, Lucy Blue and Stephanie Moser from the Department of Archaeology.

The site is believed to be the port of Myos Hormos, referred to by Pliny, Strabo and other ancient authors, and thus a very important part of the route between the East and the Mediterranean. The fieldwork programme for 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 had three aspects: excavation of the ancient town, a study of the sabkha behind the site, which was once the ancient harbour, and a study of the immediate hinterland in order to understand connections with Coptos (Qift) and the Nile.

An important component of the project is The Community Archaeology Project at Quseir, began in 1999 as part of the wider archaeological investigation of the site. While three seasons of excavation have already yielded information of great international importance, what distinguishes this project from others in Egypt is the incorporation of a community archaeology component. The specific aim of the project is to involve the local community in all aspects of the archaeological enterprise, culminating in the creation of a heritage centre that presents the findings from the excavation to the Quseir and Red Sea communities and western tourists.

Work continues at the site with the latest season running from February to April 2002. We hope to continue work on site in early 2003.

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