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The University of Southampton
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute

Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar Projects

The following Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarship projects commenced in October 2017:

Project Student Name Supervisors/Faculties 
A multidisciplinary investigation into urban air pollution in a port city Florentin BULOT Steven Johnston (FEE), Gavin Foster (FNES), Matt Loxham (FM)
Performance based use and regulation of composite materials in the marine sector Kate DEVEREUX Simon Quinn (FEE), Janice Barton (FEE), Ole Thomsen (FEE), Mikis Tsimplis (FBLA), Julia Bennell (FBLA)
3D mapping of geometrically complex seafloor infrastructures using underwater vehicles and automated interpretation of marine imagery Jin Wei LIM Blair Thornton (FEE), Damon Teagle (FNES)
How will sea-level rise and extreme events affect our natural cultural heritage?  Salma SABOUR Sally Brown (FEE), Ivan Haigh (FNES), Robert Nicholls (FEE), Marije Schaafsma (FSHMS)
A multidisciplinary investigation into urban air pollution in a port city Natasha EASTON Gavin Foster (FNES), Matt Loxham (FM), Steven Johnston (FEE), Simon Cox (FEE)
Pathways, sources and sinks of microplastics in coastal systems  Jessica STEAD Andy Cundy (FNES), Malcolm Hudson (FEE), Andrea Russell (FNES), Charlie Thompson (FEE), Ian Williams (FEE)
Learning in the Deep: Quantifying change in deep-sea benthic environments using 3D image reconstructions Jennifer WALKER Blair Thornton (FEE), Henry Ruhl (NOC), Adam Prugel-Bennett (FPSE)


The following Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarship projects commenced in October 2016:

Project Student Name


Governance of sustainability in coastal zones of small island states

Heather BROWN 

Dr Kate Schreckenberg (FEE), Dr Emma Tompkins (FSHS), Dr Jack Corbett (FSHS)

Engineering analysis of 19th Century British merchant ships and shipbuilding Sophie CANNON

Dr Steve Boyd (FEE), Dr Julian Whitewright (FH)

Hybrid propulsion for LNG bunker vessels Robert DYMOCK

Prof Suleiman Sharkh (FEE), Prof Andy Cruden (FEE), Prof Dominic Hudson (FEE)

Restocking the European flat oyster ostrea edulis in the Solent - A model for ecosystem service Zoe HOLBROOK

Dr Chris Hauton (FNES), Dr Malcolm Hudson (FEE), Dr Antony Jensen (FNES)

Mapping potential wreck sites with seafloor data - scientific, social and legal considerations Camilla MOORE Dr Fraser Sturt (FH), Dr Justin Dix (FNES), Prof Mikis Tsimplis (FBL)
Spatio-temporal modelling of population and vulnerability to coastal hazards in East Asia Jeremiah NIEVES Prof Andy Tatem (FSHMS), Dr James Dyke (FHSMS), Prof Robert Nicholls (FEE)
Assessing the viability of Arctic hydrate exploitation


Prof Tim Minshull (FNES), Dr Marije Schaafsma (FSHMS), Dr Hector Marin Moreno (NOC)
Western opera in the maritime sinosphere 1842-1949 Chenyin  TANG Dr Thomas Irvine (FH), Dr Helen Paul (FSHMS), Prof Mark Everist (FH)
Micro-plastics in the environment and risks to human health Christina THIELE Dr Malcolm Hudson (FEE), Prof Andrea Russell (FNES), Dr Antony Jensen (FNES), Prof David Coggon (FM)
What are the social equity challenges for coastal flood adaptation and insurance in terms of engineering and legal issues facing private dwellings?


Dr Sally Brown (FEE), Prof James Davey (FBL), Prof Robert Nicholls (FEE)



The following Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarship projects commenced in October 2015:

Project Student Name Supervisors/Faculties
Interruptions in Maritime Control Rooms


Dr Anne Hilstrom (FSHS), Dr Tamaryn Menneer (FSHS), Dr Dominic Taunton (FEE)
Can agent based models help determine homeowners behaviour and willingness to pay for protection when living on an eroding coastline? Sophie MOSS Dr Sally Brown (FEE), Dr James Dyke (FSHS), Prof Robert Nicholls (FEE)
Autonomy and liability for unmanned ships Hannah STONES Prof Mikis Tsimplis (FBL), Dr Nicholas Townsend (FEE)
Re-creating and curating HMS Victory: History, heritage and engineering in the afterlife of a battleship Sarah WESTBURY Dr Christer Petley (FH), Prof Jon Adams (FH), Prof Dominic Hudson (FEE)
Exploitation of prevailing winds and currents by the earliest known seafarers - reaching and colonizing Australasia around 50,000 years ago Kiki KUIJJJER Dr Helen Farr (FH), Prof Robert Marsh (FNES), Dr Ivan Haigh (FNES)
Coastal change and its impact on urban economies and harbour use Helen MBYE Dr Craig Lambert (FH), Dr Nick Karn (FH), Prof David Sear (FSHS)
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