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The University of Southampton
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute

Taught Degrees

The University of Southampton offers a first-class marine and maritime portfolio - covering everything from marine biology, oceanography and water resource management through to maritime archaeology, maritime law, and ship science.

You can find a full list of our undergraduate and masters courses listed below. Please contact us if you need more information, here.

Environmental Sciences

F900 BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences (3 years)
F903 BSc Environmental sciences with foundation year (4 years)
F902 MEnvSci (Hons) Environmental Sciences (4 years)


F6C1 BSc Geology with Marine Biology (3 years)


F8F7 BSc Physical Geography with Oceanography (3 years)


N200 BSc Management Sciences (3 years)

Marine Biology

7N16 MSci Biology and Marine Biology (4 years)
F6C1 BSc Geology with Marine Biology (3 years)
F703 MSci Marine Biology (4 years)
F705 BSc Marine Biology with foundation year (4 years)
F7C1 BSc Marine Biology with Oceanography (3 years)
F704 MSci Marine Biology with study abroad (4 years)

Maritime Law

LLB (Hons) Maritime Law (M1M2) (3 years)


F7C1 BSc Marine Biology with Oceanography (3 years)  
38v2 MSci Ocean Chemistry (4 years)
F790 MSci Ocean, Earth and Climate Science For 2013 Entry (4 years)   
F700 MSci Oceanography (4 years)
F710 BSc Oceanography (single honours) (3 years)
F701 BSc Oceanography with foundation year (4 years)
F7R1 MSci Oceanography with French (4 years)
F7F8 BSc Oceanography with Physical Geography (3 years)
F702 MSci Oceanography with study abroad (4 years)

Ship Science

H008 BEng/MEng Engineering with foundation year (4-5 years)
3S28 MEng Ship Science/Offshore Engineering (4 years)
J640 BEng (Hons) Ship Science (3 years)
J641 MEng Ship Science (4 years)
J644 MEng Ship Science / Advanced Materials (4 years)
JN62 MEng Ship Science / Engineering Management (4 years)
J642 MEng Ship Science / Naval Architecture (4 years)
H500 MEng Ship Science / Naval Engineering (4 years)
J643 MEng Ship Science / Yacht and Small Craft (4 years)

Students gain hands-on experience
Students gain hands-on experience
Photo of Peter Kingsland
Always study something you enjoy but consider carefully your job prospects at the end of it, and whether those jobs are ones you'd like to do. Don't take easy options, the harder you work the greater the rewards. Keep your options open, engineering is fantastic for that!
Peter KingslandMEng Ship Science (yacht and small craft)

Key facts

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The University of Southampton's standing in the marine sector is equal to its excellent reputation throughout academia. Its course is rigorous and demanding but equips the individual with an unequalled understanding and comprehensive toolset for a successful career.

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