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Bethany White BSc Anthropology2014

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Hi, I'm Bethany White and I studied BSc Anthropology within Social Sciences: Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology at the University of Southampton.

What is brilliant about the Anthropology programme is how your learning is personalised around your interests. From the first year you are encouraged to participate in flexible learning modules through the Curriculum Innovation scheme.

Q: Why did you choose to undertake your studies in Anthropology at the University of Southampton?

I have always had an interest in other cultures and how they function, so naturally Anthropology highly appealed to me as a degree. I came to Southampton for an Open Day back in 2009 and everything about the department seemed so inspiring. I remember sitting in a lecture that day and thinking – I have to come here! The content involved across the three year programme just seemed so interesting and relevant to my interests. So from then on I was set on Southampton – the beautiful campus also helped determine my decision.

Q: What did you enjoy about studying Anthropology at the University of Southampton?

The main enjoyment of studying Anthropology at Southampton for me was the fact that it is just so relevant to the everyday world we live in. Not only is it incredibly interesting, but I found myself gaining a much more comprehensive understanding of other cultures way of life. I feel as though I have a worldlier grasp of other cultures – and also that under every function in society, there exists reasons and justifications that underpin their everyday life systems.

What is brilliant about the Anthropology programme is how your learning is personalised around your interests. From the first year you are encouraged to participate in flexible learning modules through the Curriculum Innovation scheme. I was able to learn more about sustainability through enrolling on interdisciplinary modules such as ‘Sustainability in the Local and Global Environment’ and ‘Global Health’. These are so innovative and unique to Southampton – they further embedded my passion and interests in sustainability within individual communities across diverse contexts. I highly recommend those taking Anthropology and wider Social Science programmes exploring this opportunity as the vast modules available will broaden your interests and complement your degree area.

Q: What have you been able to achieve as a result of studying at the University of Southampton?

The course has provided me with the self-belief, knowledge, skills and understanding to explore exciting opportunities within the Third Sector. I am currently on a 12 week internship with the Universities Excel Placement Programme. My role as ‘Sustainability Engagement Officer’ means I work closely within the Engineering and Environment faculty with Sustainability Action. This is a fantastic opportunity and has immediately given me experience within the world of work in a sector I am incredibly interested in.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Following my internship at Southampton and over the coming year I plan to gain as much work experience as possible in a diverse range of jobs linked to the Third Sector. This means that I will be moving to London – this in itself being an experience coming from West Cornwall – which I am incredibly excited about. I believe in not planning too much at this moment, you never know what opportunities may present themselves. So in 2015 I would hope to either be completing a Masters specialising in Environmental Anthropology or enrolled on a Graduate Scheme within the Third Sector.

Q: Any other comments?

You cannot reflect on three years of University without mentioning the social life which goes with it. Southampton provides a vibrant and diverse social hub for individuals with differing interests. During my three years I have lived, socialised and worked closely with a diverse group of friends. This has resulted in friendships I anticipate will be for life.

The University provides a staggering range of societies and clubs to get involved in. All are encouraged to participate – whether you are an international level sportsman or just wanting to learn something new. I was able to start new activities of which I was interested in – such as yoga. But along with this I continued my love for sailing through joining the Wessex Sailing Club. Here I was part of the Universities Ladies Team Racing sailing where we competed all around the country. Although we no longer compete together, we all still remain very close and plan to have annual holidays every year!

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