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The University of Southampton
Economic, Social and Political Sciences

Francesca Selly BSc Applied Social Sciences (Criminology with Psychological Studies), 2013

Bail Information Officer

Francesca Selly's Photo

Hi, I'm Francesca Selly and I studied BSc Applied Social Sciences (Criminology with Psychological Studies) within Social Sciences at the University of Southampton.

My degree and dissertation (on prolific offenders) helped me considerably; without that experience I doubt I would have achieved my job in a probation trust

Why did you choose to undertake your studies at the University of Southampton?

It was one of the best universities I had researched to be honest. None of my friends even came here but I wanted to move down south and felt university was my opportunity; Southampton seemed to be a nice place.

What have you enjoyed about studying here?

I’ve found there has been a large focus on criminology, especially in the last year, where we even got to visit prisons. We had loads of new academics that came in and taught us who had worked in a prison which was so interesting. We also had different talks on probation which was really fascinating I thought.

What have you enjoyed generally?

The city has a good atmosphere and the nightlife has been really good. Even though there are so many people at the university you always make a group of friends in your academic unit and everyone gets on really well. University of Southampton has been the best time of my life. I would suggest definitely going to university, it has been a great experience and I will never forget it.

How have you found the support from your lecturers?

When you go to them, they’re there for you 100% especially your personal tutor. Also any of your tutors, if you go to them, will give you as much help as they possibly can.

Were you involved in any clubs and societies?

I started a dance fitness society in second year with some of my friends. Although it was difficult to set up it is doing really well now. The university never had one before so it made a good addition.

What are your plans for the future?

I just got a job in a probation trust in west midlands working as a bail information officer. My job is working within the court at Dudley to interview the defendants once they are arrested. After I find out their information I am at the decision as to whether they should achieve bail or go to custody straight after their arrest.

How did your degree help?

My dissertation helped me considerably, without that experience I doubt I would have got the job. It was on prolific offenders on a new rehabilitation programme in Birmingham, to see if it could break the cycle of re-offending for prolific offenders as they are the biggest problem in the UK. It was really interesting. I worked with and interviewed probation officers and prolific offenders which gave me valuable experience.

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