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Faculty of Social and Human Sciences programmes

If you are a continuing student, please complete this form for referral exam or coursework arrangements.

Please ensure that you complete this form accurately, reading the questions carefully and using the glossary of terms if necessary.

Forms must be completed and submitted before midday on Friday 8 July.

Glossary of Terms


Students who have Special Considerations are deferred and are normally given a chance to sit ‘as if for the first time' without penalty.


You are referred in a module that does not meet the regulations for progression or completion of your studies, which normally means that you will undergo some kind of re-assessment for a capped pass mark.

Un-compensatable Fail

This is normally when a mark is below 25. You are referred if your mark is below the un-compensatable mark as determined by your program, which means that you will undergo some kind of re-assessment for a capped pass mark


Should you choose not to sit the arrangements for the supplementary period.  At the Exam Boards in September, you might then be offered the opportunity to repeat the year for the final time but the modules indicated in your letter will be capped. This does not apply to special considerations case which are dealt with on a one by one basis.


Some regulations may allow you to ‘carry' up to a max of 30 CATS of Non-Core modules which are between 25-39 marks (UG) and 25-49 (PGT).

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