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Peter Phillips joins the division on September 1st as an Adjunct Professor of Economics

Published: 26 August 2009 Origin:  Economics

Professor Peter C. B. Phillips, Sterling Professor of Economics, and Professor of Statistics at Yale University will join the Economics Division on September 1 as an Adjunct Professor of Economics.

Peter is one of the world’s leading econometricians. He has been a leading figure in initiating the research agenda in not just one, but several major branches of econometrics over the last 25 years. Peter’s work on modelling nonstationary data will be known to virtually all economists, whether interested in econometrics or not. He has also had major roles in developing techniques for the analysis of panel data (stationary and nonstationary), and in developing the statistical theory of model determination. In addition, Peter founded in 1985, and still edits today, the journal Econometric Theory , now probably the leading econometric theory journal in the world.

Apart from his outstanding research agenda, Peter is also well-known for his unique generosity to his students, and to junior colleagues more generally. At last count Peter had supervised 67 Doctoral students worldwide, and many of these are now also prominent econometricians themselves.

You will find much more detail on Peter’s home page at Yale University .

We look forward with great excitement to Peter joining the Division.

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