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Keynote Lecture on Democratic Renewal

Published: 15 January 2010 Origin:  Politics and International Relations

Professor Gerry Stoker gave a keynote lecture to a conference on Governance Networks: Democracy, Policy Innovation and Global Regulation, organised by the Centre for Democratic Network Governance, University of Roskilde, Denmark, on 3 December 2009.

Professor Stoker’s paper, entitled ‘Democratic renewal and policy innovation through institutional forms of participatory governance’, linked together a range of papers given throughout the major 3-day conference.

The conference focused on crucial issues concerning new forms of interactive governance, and their increasing role in relation to ‘wicked’ policy problems, fragmented policy fields, and regulation. The conference aimed to explore the impact of governance networks on democracy, policy innovation and global regulation, and how governance networks can enhance and renew democracy in the context of current ‘democratic disenchantment’.

Professor Stoker’s keynote lecture drew on a range of research he is conducting in this area, and reflected many of the current themes and interests of our own Centre for Citizenship, Globalisation and Governance (C2G2) here at the University of Southampton.

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