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Chris Armstrong's book Global Distributive Justice

Published: 15 December 2011 Origin:  Politics and International Relations

The first textbook focussed on global justice, the book provides 'a very clear, learned, and comprehensive discussion of different approaches to global distributive justice and ... their implications for pressing policy issues such as trade, immigration, and climate change' (Christian Barry, Australian National University).

Chris Armstrong's book Global Distributive Justice: An Introduction has been published by Cambridge University Press.

In providing an 'excellent' companion to these emerging debates, it performs 'a tremendous service' (Darrell Moellendorf, San Diego State University), uniting theory with concrete political issues in world politics, through an innovative series of case studies. Moreover, the 'lively, clearly written and very helpful' book 'also develops fresh arguments on various aspects of the debate, which will be of interest to people immersed in the literature' (Margaret Moore, Queen's University, Canada).

First text book on global justice
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