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Dr Clare Saunders innovates teaching delivery

Published: 12 June 2012 Origin:  Politics and International Relations

A Higher Education Academy teaching development grant has been awarded to engage end-users of political research in developing online material for Southampton politics students.

Dr Clare Saunders was awarded the grant, in collaboration with teaching assistants/PhD students Matt Ryan , Emily Rainsford and Emma Thompson .

Material will include lectures by leading politicians and policy-makers describing how political research gets used in the workplace in order to tackle important problems in political life.  These materials will be used in relevant modules for politics undergraduates and post graduates, providing students with clear advice and ideas to be incorporated in their own research as well as in thinking about future employment opportunities.

This initiative builds on Dr Saunders' already impressive record of engaging students in the professional research process. Her current  European funded research project, "Caught in the Act of Protest", involves a substantial role for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the gathering and analysing of survey data on political protests.  Such initiatives allow our undergraduates genuine access to the professional political research process and have, needless to say, been extremely popular amongst students.

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