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What works in crime reduction

Published: 9 October 2013

Professor Jenny Fleming, Co-Director of the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, is the Southampton lead in a new consortium of eight universities funded by the government to implement a programme for the What Works Centre for Crime Reduction.

The Centre, a partnership between The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the College of Policing is part of a three year programme and aims to build evidence around what really works in reducing crime.

The consortium will equip practitioners and decision-makers with guidance and tools to help them make the best decisions on how to reduce crime, what action to take, and what resources to deploy and for how long. It will contribute to increased public awareness of successful crime reduction methods, highlight areas where further research and development are needed, and inform national debates on effective crime reduction policies.

Working with the Scottish Institute of Policing, Jenny’s role will be primarily concerned with designing a police development programme on evidence appraisal and delivering the pilot programme to basic command units across the UK.

Jenny says: “Southampton has a wealth of expertise to bring to this consortium. Our interdisciplinary hub, the Institute of Criminal Justice Research, involves colleagues of all disciplines whose research interests include or complement criminal justice studies. This is one of the first What Works centres and I feel very privileged to be part of it.”

For more information on the Centre visit the ESRC website and their release here

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