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Life Long Learning 'Expert Evidence under the Microscope' Study Day 29 November

Published: 24 November 2014 Origin:  Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology

Criminology academics will take part in a study day this Saturday which aims to dissect expert evidence.

The University's Lifelong Learning team will be holding a one day cultural event on Saturday 29 November 2014 with leading experts in criminology, including Dr Geth Rees within Social Sciences.

Recent media representations of forensic and expert practices (e.g. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) present the image of forensic practitioners as heroic figures, single-handedly resolving violent criminal offences with the most up-to-date scientific tests and equipment. While, historically, some experts have attempted to live up to this this heroic image, for the vast majority of practising experts this representation bears little resemblance to the reality of their work. Drawing upon a range of historical, legal and social scientific perspectives, during this study day we will discuss some of the realities surrounding expert evidence, addressing what forms of knowledge and practice are actually admissible in the courts, the ways experts resolve (or attempt to resolve) expert disagreement and the ways that the law, science and medicine intersect in the form of the expert witness. It is our intention that attendees will have a renewed, but more informed, interest in the important role of expert evidence following this event.

The day runs from 10-4pm and a discounted rate is available for staff and students. Refreshments and a buffet lunch included.

Please see website for full programme and booking.

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