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The role of the EU as an international climate actor

Published: 21 November 2012

A one-day conference 21st November, 2012 - Mercure Wessex Hotel, Winchester, UK

The failure of world leaders to reach agreement at COP15 in 2009 brings the need for a strong international climate regime into sharp relief. A key actor in such a regime is the EU which aspires to a leadership role in global climate change politics. However, the EU faces a number of challenges in taking on such a role, given the complexity of global climate politics and EU decision making. This one-day conference aims to explore these challenges at three distinct levels:

1. To what extent is climate change a priority area within European Union institutions? What are the opportunities and barriers to more effective EU climate policy? What impact has economic austerity had on the development of EU policy?

2. To what extent is the development of EU climate policy affected by the very different priorities of Member States (e.g. ‘pace-setters'; ‘foot-draggers'; etc.)?

3. To what extent can the EU realise its ambition to be a leading actor in international climate policy? Does it have the capacity to take on this role?

The aim of this conference is to understand these challenges from the perspective of academics, policy makers and civil society organisations and to explore the role of the EU in shaping an effective international climate change regime.

Presentations from leading academics, key policy makers and representatives from civil society organisations will offer contrasting perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for EU leadership in the fight against climate change.

The one-day conference will be particularly valuable for postgraduate and early career researchers, offering an opportunity to learn about and contribute to the debate on the role of the EU in responding to climate change.

Confirmed Speakers

Professor Andrew Jordan, University of East Anglia
Professor John Vogler, Keele University
Dr. Anthony Zito, Newcastle University
Professor Ruediger Wurzel, University of Hull
Mr. Asad Rehman, Friends of the Earth UK
Miss Francesca Manchi, EU delegation, UK
Dr. Lei Xie, Exeter University

Location and Registration

The conference is to be held at the Mercure Wessex Hotel , Winchester.

The limited spaces available will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Download the conference registration form here , complete and send to the email address below to request a place.

Contact us

Please contact the organising committee at the address below for all enquiries:


The organising committee kindly acknowledge Southern Canopy Sales and Hire Ltd for their support of this event.

The organising committee kindly acknowledge the support of Southern Canopy Sales and Hire Ltd.
Supported by Southern Canopy Sales
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