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Ms Wendy Stacey-Alidina BA, MA

Postgraduate research student

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Ms Wendy Stacey-Alidina is Postgraduate research student within Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology at the University of Southampton.

Over recent decades, the patterns of when a baby is most likely to be born have reversed. Before the 1970s children were more likely to be born on a weekend day and in the early hours of the morning. Today, babies are more likely to be born on a weekday and during the daytime.

In the past three decades there has been an increase in births that have required more medical involvement. New technologies and medicine have enabled a more controlled delivery, which has made childbirth safer, quicker and with less pain.

Wendy Stacey-Alidina wants to understand why these patterns of time of birth have reversed and what is driving the change.

Research interests

P hD research topic
Intervened births

The research involves three types of methods:

  1. the analysis of a large anonymised set of data from hospital births, to help understand the patterns of time of birth and methods of delivery
  2. interviews with mothers to discuss their experience of childbirth and understanding of methods of delivery and time of birth
  3. interviews with midwives to help understand how and why patterns of childbirth have changed

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Ms Wendy Stacey-Alidina
Reception Building 58 University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BJ United Kingdom
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