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Research project: Demography, Health and Wellbeing

Currently Active: 

Research in demographic estimation includes work on census adjustment and the estimation of internal and international migration flows, for example between European countries. Statistical demographic research focuses on the exploitation of new statistical methods, such as multilevel models and graphical chain models, often using large and complex survey data. It also includes the application of demographic methods to analyse fertility trends and marriage markets, for example in the UK and France.

Quantitative analysis of the life course underlies the second theme with research focusing on the timing of major events such as leaving and returning home; marriage and childbearing, and on the implications of early life course experiences for outcomes later in life. Changes in the income and health of older people are investigated within the Centre for Research on Ageing.

A major theme in research in historical demography is the analysis of individual biographies in historical data, often from disparate sources. This has included work on mobility in nineteenth century England and Wales, and on problems of record linkage using census returns.

We are also involved in the measurement and promotion of wellbeing, measuring, understanding and addressing: poverty, health inequalities, education, HIV/AIDS, and maternal and infant health (areas highlighted in the UN Millennium Development Goals). Research on HIV/AIDS, reproductive and child health in developing countries focuses primarily on sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and China. Much of this research is undertaken within the Centre for Global Health, Population, Population and Policy.

Research on living standards uses survey data to investigate poverty and inequality, labour markets, and education in many countries We are collaborating with the World Bank and the Department for International Development on collecting household survey data in Tajikistan (linked to: Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are the focus of work on health policy and on the targeting of state expenditure on the poor. Research on poverty mapping (drawing in part on links with Southampton’s Geographers) focuses on Azerbaijhan and Tajkistan. Cross-national work is also being carried out on comparisons of learning achievement and of social segregation in schools in OECD countries.

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