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Actuarial Profession


Actuaries evaluate, manage and advise on financial risks. They also assess the probability and potential financial consequences of those risks.

The main area of actuarial work is in pensions and insurance, and is where most professionals in this field begin their careers. Some actuaries may move on to investment banks at a later stage.

Specific tasks vary but work may include:

Source: Prospects

Working in finance

Skills Required:

Employers look for candidates who are confident in their abilities, as well as motivation due to the difficult and lengthy nature of the qualification process. Further valued skills include:

Source: TargetJobs

Things to Consider:

Although pre-entry experience is not a requirement, talking to people in the job and, if possible, acquiring some work experience will prove invaluable. Some companies offer work placements or internships for students interested in becoming actuaries which can potentially be helpful in securing a graduate job; however this is dependent on the organisation.
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Jobs are quite widely available in most large towns and cities of the UK, although London has the largest proportion of jobs. /p>

Salaries for experienced Actuaries can be very high.

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