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Investment banking

Investment banks provide financial advice and services to large corporations, high-net-worth individuals and governments. These services are traditionally in corporate finance (advice and sponsorship of mergers and acquisitions), capital markets (services associated with raising capital through the equity and debt markets) and trading on behalf of clients in the markets. Investment banks also trade with their own capital in the markets.

Despite recent bad press, investment banks are still investing heavily in their graduate recruitment programmes. A career in investment banking is a well established, high-flying career choice for exceptional graduates who are not shy of hard work.

Investment banking
Investment banking


There are many roles within investment banking, many of which are very well paid:

As a graduate-analyst expect to get responsibility early. Front office roles, especially, demand long hours and hard work, but the rewards can be substantial. Most investment banks recruit almost exclusively from their summer internship programmes, so applying to these is essential to get ahead in the hunt for a job in an Investment Bank.

Investment banking
Investment banking

Skills required:

• Strong numerical and analytical skills
• Integrity
• Interest in finance and the markets
• Communication and interpersonal skills

Things to Consider:

This role will provide exposure to global markets and the world of corporate business as well as offering the opportunity to use advanced mathematical skills and mathematical modelling. This is a highly competitive sector; competition is fierce and hours are often long and unsocial.

With responsibility comes pressure and expectation to perform.

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