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Probation Officer

Probation Officer Career Path


A Probation Officer works with and oversees offenders who have been released from prison on licence or those serving a non-custodial sentence. A Probation Officer deciphers the risk that a given offender poses on the community and highlights to the offender the impact of their crime on their victims or the public. Alongside this, a Probation Officer enforces the conditions of the community orders, which normally involves overseeing community service. A Probation Officer works closely with offenders, victims, local authorities, social services and voluntary sector partners.

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Probation Officer Career Path

Things to Consider:

The opportunity to make a positive impact on someone else's life can be rewarding. A Probation Officer can assist offenders to better their lives and help ensure that they do not return to the Criminal Justice System. Previous experience with working with young people is essential. The University of Southampton provides its students with opportunities to volunteer through Career Destinations Volunteering .

There is a degree of danger behind the role due to the nature of some of the offenders, although this risk will be minimised because only those deemed safe for the community will be given a non-custodial sentence. Moreover, it is important  to remain resilient from what may be seen or heard as this line of work can be emotionally draining.

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