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Secondary School Teacher and Further Education Lecturer

Secondary School Teacher


A Secondary School Teacher often teaches just one or two of the national curriculum subjects to students between the ages of 11-16. Further Education Lecturers will teach students between the ages of 17-18. A Secondary Teacher and a Further Education Lecturers facilitates learning for young adults by establishing a teacher-student relationship with pupils within the classroom environment to stimulate academic development. Teachers need to support, encourage and record progress of their pupils and plan lessons in line with the national curriculum. The role also includes student assessments and marking, giving appropriate feedback and guidance.

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Skills Required:

Secondary School Teacher

Things to Consider:

It is a rewarding career as you are able to monitor the progress of your students and seeing their improvements gives a sense of job satisfaction. Furthermore, working with young people can be fun especially if you have the enthusiasm and ability to engage with them.

Working with young people can be fun but it can also be frustrating. You need to have the ability to remain calm and act appropriately when dealing with misbehaviour. You will become a role model for your pupils and therefore you have to be careful of your actions.

Throughout your time at the University of Southampton there will be opportunities to work with young people in secondary schools and colleges during term time in order to gain some experience. The University invites its students to participate in the Student Ambassador Scheme , the Recruitment and Outreach teams work in local schools, colleges and the community to promote higher education. The SSAS 3001 module, ‘An Introduction to Teaching: The Ambassador Scheme in Social Sciences', will enhance the skills and knowledge about the world of teaching for successful applicants to the module. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work within a school during term time. Third year Social Sciences Students can apply to take this module.

Read more about the SSAS 3001 Module. Also, visit the links at the bottom of this page to see previous students experiences of this module.

You will need to have gained the relevant qualifications to become a secondary school teacher such as QTS or PGCE, as mentioned above.

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Our Graduates

Jennifer Fletcher - SSAS 3001 Module. BSc Sociology, Year of Graduation 2013

Tom Lawrence - BSc Sociology, Year of Graduation 2011

Emma Toms - BSc Sociology, Year of Graduation 2008

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Tom Lawrence

Tom Lawrence studied BSc Sociology at the University of Southampton and is now a Teaching Assistant.

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Tom Lawrence

Tom Lawrence studied BSc Sociology at the University of Southampton and is now a Teaching Assistant.

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