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The University of Southampton
Economic, Social and Political Sciences Undergraduate study

Economy and Society Pathway


Our exciting Studyabroad@Southampton programme gives a wide choice to undergraduate international students looking to study with us for a semester or up to a year.

Please visit our @studyabroad hub to find out about more pathway options.

The Economy and Society pathway offers the opportunity for students to explore important issues in society today from a multi-disciplinary social science perspective. The pathway is structured so that students without background in Economics or Sociology can undertake introductory modules providing the important theoretical underpinnings for further study. The pathway is an ideal choice for students who are interested in the big challenges faced by modern society and are looking to expand their horizons to include a wider range of academic perspectives and approaches.

Choosing your modules

The pathways include modules from all three levels of study at Southampton. Each level corresponds to one of the three undergraduate years and builds upon knowledge and understanding from previous years. The year or level of a module is indicated by the first numeric digit in the module code (e.g. ECON2026 ). Introductory, level 1, modules have been included, where appropriate, to allow students to access pathways outside of their major or specialist area of study.

In each Semester 4 modules are studied for a total of 60 CATS/30 ECTS points. You are recommended to choose 4 modules and 2 reserve choices in each Semester in case your first choice modules are unavailable for any reason or you experience timetable clashes.

Modules with two codes have been designed for assessment at level 2 or level 3. In the case of such modules students hoping to progress to Masters Study or those needing to transfer final year credits back to their home university should choose the code for which the first numeric digit is a 3 (e.g. SOCI3084)

Introductory modules*
Semester 1 Semester 2
ECON1001 Foundations of Microeconomics ECON1002 Principles of Macroeconomics
SOCI1001 Understanding Everyday Life SOCI1015 Human Rights, Wellbeing and Politics*

* Students without any undergraduate background in either Economics (ECON) or Sociology (SOCI) must choose the appropriate pair of introductory courses.

** Indicates modules that are only suitable for students with an undergraduate background in Economics

Some modules may be subject to change or availability.

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Guaranteed accommodation

We guarantee a place in our halls of residence for all Study Abroad students

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Students who complete one or two semesters will be eligible for a 10% discount on masters study at Southampton

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