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The University of Southampton
Southampton Neuroscience Group

Biomed science forum - REARRANGED March 23rd 2012 Event

15:00 - 16:00
23 March 2012
Room 1007 in Building 67

Event details

We have a further modification for the plan for our next Biomed Science Forum, that is to have it linked with the inaugural CBS Molecular Biosciences Research group poster meeting occurring on Highfield campus, also planned for afternoon of March 23. This will give everyone a chance to come to both events, well worthwhile.

We have therefore re-arranged for the BioMed Forum to switch to 3pm (one hour duration) and be held in the Room 1007 in Building 67 (Nightingale Building) on Friday March 23 Biomed science forum will be led by Dr Mark Coldwell (Biological Sciences) who will introduce his grant plan under the title "Expanding our knowledge of the human proteome by the identification of novel translation initiation codons."

Mark and colleague Rich Edwards have developed methods to identify extensions (and truncations) that arise from the selection of alternative translation initiation codons via bioinformatic searches and lab-based assays. This may lead to changes in function and localisation of the proteins due to the alternative N-termini. This phenomenon has been identified in a number of genes of biomedical importance - Mark and Rich are seeking advice and potential partners in order to exploit these findings, and encourage others to consider using their methods to further investigate their own genes of interest.

As you know, the informal discussion is intended to best support Mark in the construction of a new grant with ideas and suggestions on the science, local collaborations etc. Refreshments provided over the strict 1hr duration of the meeting.

Please make every effort to come. We need staff particularly with expertise in this area but also those not so given that reviewers these days can be quite broad in discipline. Please pass on mail to anyone you think should be aware and not on the email list.

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