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The University of Southampton
Southampton Neuroscience Group

BioMed Science Forum Event

16:00 - 18:00
27 July 2012
The Institute of Developmental Sciences Seminar Room at Southampton General Hospital

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Tom P. Fleming on 023 8079 4145 or email .

Event details

We will have our last Biomed Sci Forum before the summer close on July 27 in the Institute of Developmental Sciences Seminar Room at SGH at 4pm.

This will be a special session, led by two staff from Biological Sciences who are preparing major grants both related to regulation/function of the vasculature in development and disease. This integrated session will be presented by:

Claire Clarkin: ‘ Targeting osteoblast-driven angiogenesis to enhance bone formation' for her BBSRC New Investigator grant application.

Jessica Teeling:  'Mechanism underlying microglial priming after systemic inflammation: a role for the cerebral vasculature? ' covering her work in the cerebral vasculature, microglial activation and neurodegeneration.

As you know, these are important opportunities to help staff prepare top quality grant applications, an open discussion after a short whiteboard explanation by the leaders on what the best plan is for the grant, how it might be improved and what extra expertise may be available at Southampton to enhance the chances of success.

Please make every effort to attend, our grant applicants deserve your help, there will be refreshments as usual.


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