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The University of Southampton
Southampton Neuroscience Group

Brain and the Environment Event

15 September 2016
Avenue campus, University of Southampton

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As scientists interested in the brain, we will all have thought about the important role that the environment has shaping function and behaviour. What we may not appreciate, is what we mean by the term ‘environment’ and that it operates its influence across such a huge scale. In the XVth SoNG annual meeting, we will discuss environmental contributions to brain function in its widest context providing a great opportunity to build new interdisciplinary collaborations that address this increasingly pertinent issue. Thus, whether you are interested in molecular underpinnings of nerve function or societal influences on human behaviour, there is an environmental contribution being played out and this is reflected in our programme. The range of speakers will exemplify the mechanistic insight being provided by distinct experimental approaches, from biology to social sciences. An important consequence of the environment and its ability to drive brain function is its significance in health and disease. Our program, including external and Southampton speakers, will introduce and discuss this aspect in the context of degenerative disease, psychiatric disorders and population-based behaviour. Against this broad approach, we would be delighted to receive abstract submissions to supplement the programme provided by our main speakers and look forward to you all joining us in September.

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Mario De Bono,Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge,Environmental regulation of circuit function.

Dr Herman Wijnen,Centre for Biological Science, University of Southampton,Circadian mediation and modulation of environmental cues.

Chris Bell,Centre for Biological Science, University of Southampton,Epigenetics: An interface between environmental regulation and genetics.

Leslie Collier,Faculty Health Sciences, University of Southampton,Environmental enrichment to mitigate brain disorders.

Tom Ezard,Centre for Biological Science, University of Southampton,Environmental drivers for population scale organization of humans.

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