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The University of Southampton
Southampton Ethics Centre


The Centre's members have a broad range of interests and expertise in both teaching and research.


Chris Armstrong (Politics)

Denise Baden (Management)

Yehuda Baruch (Management)

Russell Bentley (Politics)

Hazel Biggs (Law, HEAL, CELS)

Catherine Brignell (Psychology)

Joanne Brown (Health Sciences)

Milena Buchs (Sociology and Social Policy)

John Bustard (ECS)

Gillian Crawford (Medicine, CELS)

Anne Curry (History)

Sandi Dheensa (Clinical Ethics and Law)

James Dyke (ECS)

Ros Edwards (Sociology and Social Policy)

Christian Enemark (Politics)

Giulia Felappi (Philosophy)

Angela Fenwick (Medicine, HEAL)

Jenny Fleming (Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences, ICJR)


Diane Gow (Health Sciences, HEAL)

Alex Gregory (Philosophy)

Mike Grocott (Medicine)

Natasha Hammond-Browning (Law, HEAL)

Jonathan Havercroft (Politics)

Markus O Heller (Engineering and the Environment)

Roger Ingham (Psychology)

Christopher Janaway (Philosophy)

Stephanie Jones (English)

Elselijn Kingma (Philosophy)

Claire Lougarre (Law)

Antonia Kupfer (Education)

Anneke Lucassen (Medicine, CELS)


Anne McBride (Psychology)

Brian McElwee (Philosophy)

Chris McLean (Health Sciences)

Conor McHugh (Philosophy)

Denis McManus (Philosophy)

William E.S. McNeill (Philosophy)

Ray Monk (Philosophy)

Sasha Mudd (Philosophy)

Alex Neill (Philosophy, CELS)

David Owen (Politics)

Sarah Pearce (History, Parkes Institute)

John Perry (Medicine)

Brian Pickering (ECS)

Katy Pike (Medicine)

Andrew Pinnock (Music)

Emily Reid (Law, LEAG)

Aaron Ridley (Philosophy)

Emma Roe (Geography and Environment, HEAL)

Siven Rungien (Law)

Andrea Russell (Chemistry)


Ben Saunders (Social Sciences)

Shiri Shkedi-Rafid (Medicine, CELS)

Genia Schönbaumsfeld (Philosophy)

Helen Spurling (History, Parkes Institute)

Gerry Stoker (Public Policy)

Tracy Strong (Politics)

Damon A. H. Teagle (NOCS)

Mirco Tonin (Economics)

A.M. Viens (Law, HEAL)

Lee Walters (Philosophy)

Jonathan Way (Philosophy)

Richard Werner (Management)

Daniel Whiting (Philosophy)

Julie Wintrup (Health Sciences, HEAL)

Fiona Woollard (Philosophy)

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