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Southampton Ethics Centre

Southampton Ethics Centre Spring 2018 Update

Published: 13 March 2018

Dear All, This is a reminder of some SEC events scheduled to take place over the next month or so:

‘Philosophy of Medicine and Bioethics’ seminar

14th March, 2-4 pm, Room 1111, Avenue Campus

Speakers: Dan Hausman (Wisconsin-Madison) and Elselijn Kingma (Southampton). 


Please note that this event will only go ahead if the UCU strike scheduled for that date is cancelled.



‘Disability and Wellbeing’ workshop

21st March, Room 2115, Avenue Campus


Simo Vehmas (Stockholm): ‘Persons with profound intellectual disability and their right to sex’

Caroline Harnacke (Tilburg): ‘Knowledge of disability and disabled people’s knowledge’

Alex Gregory (Southampton): ‘Are disabilities bad?’

Jonathan Wolff (Oxford): ‘Cognitive Disability and Inclusion’

For registration and more information, visit:




‘Epistemic Vice and Forms of Scepticism’ conference

13th April, Room 1163, Avenue Campus


Quassim Cassam (Warwick): ‘Epistemic Insouciance’

Alison Hills (Oxford): ‘Is Creativity an Epistemic Vice?’

J. Adam Carter (Glasgow): ‘Intellectual Vice, Cognitive Enhancement and Scepticism’

Aidan McGlynn (Edinburgh): ‘Epistemic Vices and Socially-Situated Ignorance’

Genia Schönbaumsfeld (Southampton): ‘Intellectual Cowardice and Radical Scepticism’


This conference is also supported by the Mind Association.

For more information, visit:


Looking ahead to June, the SEC is sponsoring conferences on 'Kant and Moral Demandingness' (7th-8th June, with speakers Alice Pinheiro Walla (Bayreuth), Bob Stern (Sheffield), Martin Sticker (Trinity College Dublin), Lucas Thorpe (Bogazici) and Brian McElwee (Southampton)) and 'The Philosophy of Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Motherhood' (21st-22nd June, with speakers Barbara Katz Rothman (CUNY), Elselijn Kingma (Southampton), Maggie Little (Georgetown), Sarah LaChance Adams (Wisconsin), Guy Rohrbaugh (Auburn), Rebecca Schiller (Chief Executive of BirthRights), and Fiona Woollard (Southampton)). In addition, the latest in the Southampton-Humboldt Normativity conference series will be taking place at Humboldt on 13th-15th June; keynote speakers will be Gideon Rosen (Princeton) and Holly Smith (Rutgers), and further information can be found at




Denis McManus


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