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The University of Southampton
Southampton Ethics Centre

‘Hannah Arendt, education and the potential of human power’ Event

12:30 - 13:30
29 January 2014
Room 2097 Building 32 Highfield Campus

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Part of the ‘Power and Education’ Seminar Series


This paper turns to Hannah Arendt's (1998, 241) discussion of 'the potentialities of human power' to sustain and not to destroy, to forgive and not to punish. It is Arendt's view that power exists whereever men and women, 'in sheer human togetherness' (1998, 180), act and witness action, speak and listen to one another, and thereby actualise the human gift of natality, of beginning. To prepare the young for power is thus to introduce them to a plural world, to the qualities of action and spectatorship. The paper argues that this preparation should not be mistaken for empowerment, since power cannot be given to another person and, even if this were somehow possible, the young, being young, should not receive it.

Speaker information

Dr Wayne Veck,Unviversity of Winchester,Senior Lecturer in Education (Education Studies)

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