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The University of Southampton
Southampton Ethics Centre

Uterus Transplants - A Reproductive Revolution or Cause for Concern? Event

13:00 - 14:00
13 December 2017
Building 4, Room 1035, Highfield Campus

Event details

Part of the Health Ethics and Law (HEAL) event series.

Uterus transplantation involves IVF, major surgery on at least two occasions, use of immunosuppressant drugs, and (possibly) high-risk pregnancies. It is recognised that at least four people will be affected by a uterus transplant the recipient, the donor, the recipient’s partner, and a future child, however, the focus of this paper is on the women involved – the recipient and the donor. This paper considers concerns with uterus transplant research including the criteria to participate in the clinical trials, the motivation of the recipients to participate in the research trials, the expected gestational experience of recipients, the welfare of recipients, maternal care, and the welfare of donors.


Speaker information

Dr Natasha Hammond-Browning ,Lecturer in Medical Law and Ethics and Co-Director of the REPROLaw research group at the University of Southampton. Her research interests are in medical law and ethics, principally in start of life issues and stem cell research. She is researching the regulation, regulatory bodies and reform of these sensitive areas of law and ethics.

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