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The University of Southampton
Southampton Respiratory Imaging Group

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Medical imaging plays a key role in both diagnostic and therapeutic medicine. Most image interpretation is carried out by visual inspection by experienced observers, which means that observer-independent and quantitative, reproducible methods for analysing complex 3-D images are an unmet need in this field.

Quantification of images using computer analysis provides information which is more objectively based and supplies a useful adjunct to visual assessment by offering additional knowledge, confidence and reproducibility to interpretation. In research applications of medical imaging, quantitative data are vital for robust scientific analysis of findings. This is particularly relevant to clinical trials where better phenotyping using imaging is needed and where image analysis can present additional biomarkers as outcomes. The development of advanced image analysis methods which can provide improved or additional quantitative measures from imaging data is therefore an important area.

Key facts

We use a combination of commercially available and in-house developed analysis software to be able to study the structure and function of the lungs in great detail.

Our highly experienced team works with both internal and external collaborators to develop new diagnostic techniques for respiratory disease.


Respiratory HRCT imaging projects

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