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The University of Southampton
The Society for Renaissance 6th Biennial Conference 2014


Special Collections Gallery, Hartley Library, University of Southampton

Date: Monday 14 July 2014

Time: 18.15 - 19.30

The Early Modern Image: Patronage, Kings and Peoples

Through the medium of the work of Francis Cleyn the elder (1582‒1658), one of the dominant figures in the decorative arts in early Stuart England, and Luca Cambiaso (1527‒85), an Italian who became court painter for Philip II of Spain, along with contemporary books and prints, this exhibition explores the early modern use of images. The works of Cleyn and Cambiaso were to provide an important component in and complement to court festivals.

Caption: Folly guiding Cupid to the Garden of Love, escorted by amorini, one of whom holds up a guttering torch to illuminate the nocturnal scene.  By Francis Cleyn the elder, probably from a sequence of five tapestries for Charles I, c.1626, possibly made in connection with his marriage to Henrietta Maria.

The Early Modern Image

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