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String Theory seminar - Horatiu Nastase [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00] Seminar

27 October 2021
Online seminar

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Event details

Title: A 4d duality web

Abstract: In 3 dimensions, in 2016 a web of dualities was found that includes particle-vortex duality

(bose-bose) and Son's duality (fermi-fermi), and is derived from a basic bosonization duality

(fermi-bose). The duality is between field theories with Chern-Simons terms ("with flux added"),

and has been used to obtain implications for physical systems, as in the case of the usual

electric-magnetic duality in 4 dimensions. A derivation of a massive deformation of the basic

bosonization step was found, based on a combination of particle-vortex duality and the BQ

bosonization map. We use an extension of this procedure to 4 dimensions to generate

(constructively) a duality web for field theories with theta terms.

In the review part, I will review dualities, in particular T-duality, particle-vortex and bosonization

described as a duality.




Speaker information

Horatiu Nastase, Sao Paulo.

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