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The University of Southampton
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Gravity seminar - Michele Levi Seminar

10 March 2022
Online seminar

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Fabian Gittins at .

Event details

Title: Modern QFT Advances & Real-World Gravity

Abstract: I will present the state of the art in classical gravity for gravitational-wave measurements,
and the significant advancement therein via the EFT of spinning gravitating objects, and the
incorporation of modern QFT advances, which my work pioneered more than a decade ago.
First, we will introduce the tower of EFTs for the radiating binary inspiral problem. We will then
review the intricate formulation of the EFT of spinning objects. Finally, we will present some
recent advanced results accomplished within this framework, with modern QFT advances.


Speaker information

Michele Levi, Queen Mary.

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