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The University of Southampton
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String Theory seminar - Charlotte Kristjansen Seminar

23 March 2022
Online seminar

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Event details

Title: Integrable domain walls in ABJM theory

Abstract: We discuss a set-up within AdS/CFT where the field theory has a ½ BPS domain wall and correspondingly the string theory has an additional probe brane. We show that for ABJM theory as well as for N=4 SYM theory the domain wall/probe brane can be described as an integrable boundary state of the underlying integrable super spin chain. One point functions can be expressed as overlaps between Bethe eigenstates and boundary states which take the form of matrix product - or valence bond states, and thanks to integrability closed overlap formulas can be found. We furthermore discuss how certain ``microscopic duality relations” based on the QQ-system of the spin chains, can be used to predict novel overlap formulas.




Speaker information

Charlotte Kristjansen, Copenhagen.

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