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The University of Southampton
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Gravity seminar - Eric Poisson [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 13:00] Seminar

3 March 2022
Online seminar

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Title: Tidal deformation of black holes

Abstract: A black hole gets tidally deformed when placed in the presence of a companion body. The tidal deformation can be described in terms of the intrinsic geometry of the event horizon, and characterized by nonzero surficial Love numbers. It can also be described in terms of the deformation of the gravitational field outside the black hole, and characterized by vanishing tidal Love numbers. Most of the talk is devoted to the clarification of the link between Love numbers and tidally induced multipole moments. While the link is direct in Newtonian gravity, it is tenuous in general relativity, and it requires an appropriate definition of multipole moments for individual objects in a binary system. I propose such a definition, and outline a demonstration that the tidally induced multipole moments of a black hole are zero.


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Eric Poisson, Guelph.

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