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The University of Southampton
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String Theory seminar - Samir Mathur [NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 15:00] Seminar

11 May 2022
Online seminar

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Event details

Title: The limitations of the holographic idea

Abstract: The black hole information paradox arises because entangled pairs are created from the vacuum region around the horizon of a traditional hole. In string theory one finds that black hole states are actually horizon sized objects (fuzzballs) with no horizon, so there is no paradox. Why then so some people still think that Hawking's puzzle is not resolved? In this talk we will argue that opposition to the fuzzball resolution is based on a faulty extrapolation of the idea of holography. The picture proposed in these alternative resolutions (involving code subspaces which yield semiclassical islands) is actually not consistent: ideas along these directions either involve nonunitarity in the black hole interior or a violation of standard low energy physics at infinity. We argue that notions like ER=EPR, spacetime is built by entanglement etc. violate the linearity of quantum theory; the error here can be traced to use of the geometry of the eternal hole which cannot be a valid geometry in a consistent theory of quantum gravity.




Speaker information

Samir Mathur, Ohio.

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