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The University of Southampton
STAG Research Centre

Gravity seminar - Eugene Lim [UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME: FRIDAY 12:00] Seminar

24 February 2023
Building 58, room 1009

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Fabian Gittins at .

Event details

Title: Desperately Seeking Axion Stars

Abstract: If axion Dark Matter exist, then they can collapse to form self-gravitating exotic compact objects known as axion stars. As mergers of such compact objects can potentially yield detectable gravititational waves, much effort have been expended to compute these signals. I will discuss both the technical and theoretical challenges of this endeavour. In particular, I will show that axion stars may not be stable to electromagnetic decay, raising the question on whether we should expect to see these objects in the first place.

Speaker information

Eugene Lim , King's College.

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