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The University of Southampton
STAG Research CentreSeminars

Southampton Gravity seminars: 2008-2009

Seminars take place on Thursdays 12:00-13:00 in Building 54, Room 5027 (5A) in Mathematical Sciences.

October 09 2008: Karim Noui (Tours)

Loop Quantum Gravity: a review

October 16 2008: Steve Drasco (AEI)

What can we learn from perturbed black holes?

October 23 2008: Cesar Lopez-Monsalvo (Southampton)

Multifluid Dynamics and dissipation in General relativity

October 30 2008: Jorma Louko (Nottingham)

Isotropic AdS/QCD fireball

November 06 2008: Heiner Olbermann (Cardiff)

States of low energy on Robertson-Walker spacetimes

November 13 2008: Atsushi Higuchi (York)

Radiation reaction in quantum electrodynamics

November 20 2008: Marco Bruni (Portsmouth)

Cosmology with a 2-parameters dark sector

November 27 2008: Sergei Nayakshin (Lhwsester)

The inner parsecs of Milky Way and other galaxies

December 04 2008: Mark Hannam (Cork)

The life cycle of black-hole binary simulations: from initial data to waveform template banks

December 11 2008: Yusaf Muhammad (KCL)

Modified Gravity and Gravitational Lensing

January 08 2009: Serguei Kommissarov (Leeds)

Blandford-Znajek mechanism and central engines of GRBs

January 15 2009: Sam Dolan (UCD)

Self-Force, Green's Functions and Quasinormal Modes on the Nariai Spacetime

January 22 2009: No seminar

January 29 2009: Steve Millmore (Southampton)

Numerical Modelling of Multicomponent Neutron Stars

February 05 2009: Veronika Hubeny (Durham)

On universality in ergoregion mergers

February 12 2009: No seminar

February 19 2009: No seminar

February 26 2009: Ilya Mandel (Northwestern)

Compact binaries as sources for ground-based gravitational-wave detectors

March 5 2009: Sam Lander (Southampton)

Magnetic fields in axisymmetric neutron stars

March 12 2009: No seminar

March 19 2009: Oliver Rinne (DAMTP)

Regularity of the Einstein equations at future null infinity

April 30 2009: Gareth Jones (Cardiff)

Searching for gravitational wave bursts associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts

May 28 2009: Niels Warburton (Southampton)

The self force on a scalar charge orbiting a Kerr black hole

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