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The University of Southampton
STAG Research CentreSeminars

Southampton Gravity seminars: 2009-2010

Seminars take place on Thursdays or Fridays 12:00-13:00 in Building 54, Room 5027 (5A) in Mathematical Sciences.

October 09 2009: Alexandre Le Tiec (Paris)

Post-Newtonian calculation of the gravitational self-force for black hole binaries

October 16 2009: Andrei Starinets (Oxford)

Quasinormal modes and gauge/gravity duality

October 23 2009: Sarp Akcay (Southampton)

Kerr-de Sitter Universe

October 30 2009: Marc Casals (Dublin)

Self-force and Green function of spacetime perturbations

November 06 2009: Marika Taylor (Amsterdam)

Holographic reconstruction of black hole microstates

November 13 2009: Alexander Polnarev (Queen Mary)

Gravitational waves generated by solar oscillations

November 20 2009: Gregor Leiler (Cardiff)

The Boltzmann collision equation in expanding Universes

November 27 2009: Ruth Gregory (Durham)

Dark energy / light gravity?

December 04 2009: Jocelyn Read (AEI, Berlin)

Tidal deformation in binary neutron star inspiral

December 11 2009: Oliver Robertshaw (Southampton)

POSTPONED to Feb 11th

January 08 2010: Matthew Pitkin (Glasgow)

Searching for gravitational waves from known pulsars

February 4 2010: Ben Stappers (Jodrell Bank, Manchester)

Pulsar Timing: Neutron Star Interiors, Magnetospheres and Gravitational Waves

February 11 2010: Oliver Robertshaw (Southampton)

Investigating the equilibria and oscillations of neutron stars with a semi-spectral MHD code

February 18 2010: Nikolaos Proukakis (Newcastle)

Non-Equilibrium Ultracold Bose Gases

February 25 2010: Joao Rosa (Oxford)

The extremal black hole bomb

March 4 2010: Jean-Louis Cornou (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon)

(M)HD using spectral methods

March 11 2010: Pablo Cerda Duran (MPA Garching, Germany)

Alfven QPOs in Magnetars

March 18 2010: Greg Comer (St Louis, US)

Two-stream instability and cosmological models

March 23 2010: Nigel Bishop (Rhodes University, South Africa)

Binary black hole mergers, quasi-normal modes, and characteristic numerical relativity

April 22 2010: Andrew Martin (Southampton)

Non-equilibrium dynamics of dark solitons in ultra-cold atomic Bose gases

April 29 2010: Chris Done (Durham)

Current and future observational constraints on Einstein gravity

May 6 2010: Brien Nolan (Dublin City University)

Wave equations and perturbations in self-similar collapse

May 13 2010: Stanislav Babak (AEI, Berlin)

Observing inspiralling binaries with LISA

May 20 2010: Ian Huston (Queen Mary, London)

Cosmological Perturbations and Non-Gaussianity

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