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The University of Southampton
STAG Research CentreSeminars

Southampton Gravity seminars: 2013-2014

Seminars take place on Thursdays 12:00-13:00 in Building 54, Room 5027 (5A) in Mathematical Sciences.

3 October 2013: Fay Dowker (Imperial College London)

The causal set approach to quantum gravity

10 October 2013: Sam Dolan (Sheffield)

Self force and spin precession on Kerr spacetime

17 October 2013: Adam Levi (Technion, Israel)

Hawking radiation in CGHS black holes

24 October 2013: Thomas Maedler (Observatoire de Paris, France)

Initial models for numerical relativity in a Bondi-Sachs formulation

30 October 2013: Peter Millington (Manchester) [DATE/TIME CHANGE: Wed 30 Oct at 3pm in 54/5A]

Perturbative non-equilibrium thermal field theory

7 November 2013: Seth Hopper (AEI Potsdam-Golm, Germany)

Eccentric motion around a Schwarzschild black hole: Self-force calculations in the Regge-Wheeler-Zerilli formalism

14 November 2013: Anthony van Eysden (Nordita, Sweden)

Coupled post-glitch response of the crust and interior of neutron stars

21 November 2013: Bennett Link (Montana State, USA)

Constraining the origin of magnetar flares

28 November 2013: Larus Thorlacius (Nordita, Sweden)

Pure states and black hole complementarity

5 December 2013: Andrew Levan (Warwick)

Unveiling the progenitors of short duration gamma-ray bursts

12 December 2013: Norihiro Tanahashi (Kavli IPMU, Japan)

Horizon instability of an extreme Reissner-Nordstrom black hole

Christmas Break

9 January 2014: Kazuya Koyama (ICG-Portsmouth)

Cosmological solutions in non-linear massive gravity

Exam Period

30 January 2014: Mari Kolehmainen (Oxford)

The black hole spin controversy

6 February 2014: Ioannis Contopoulos (Academy of Athens, Greece)

Are gamma-ray bursts standard candles in cosmology?

13 February 2014: Chris Messenger (Glasgow)

Gravitational wave detection: Prospects and future possibilities

20 February 2014: Daniel Waldram (Imperial College London)

Consistent truncations and generalised geometry

27 February 2014: Chris Fewster (York)

Locally covariant QFT and the problem of formulating the same physics in all spacetimes

6 March 2014: Clare Burrage (Nottingham)

Can you detect dark energy in the laboratory?

13 March 2014: Claude Warnick (Warwick)

Dynamics in anti-de Sitter spacetimes

20 March 2014: Ian Vega (SISSA, Italy)

Rotating black holes in Lorentz-violating gravity

27 March 2014: Marios Petropoulos (Ecole Polytechnique, France)

Gravitational duality and holographic fluids

Easter Break

1 May 2014: Oscar Dias (Southampton)

Holographic thermalization, quasinormal modes and superradiance in Kerr-AdS

8 May 2014: Norbert Wex (MPIfR-Bonn, Germany)

Probing strong-field aspects of gravity with radio pulsars

15 May 2014: Cristina Manuel (ICE, Spain)

Transport coefficients in superfluid neutron stars

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